Acquisitions & Mergers

The ATTRIBUTES of potential agency acquisitions:
In evaluating agency acquisitions, a great deal of the value comes from evaluating the culture and compatibility. Some of the more important factors to consider are:
  1. Diversification of Revenue Streams
  2. Employee Turnover issues
  3. Locations and Footprint
  4. Restrictive Covenants and legal climate
  5. Insurers, clients and employee makeup
  6. Products and Services offered
  7. Reputation
  8. Overall sales and management culture

The ACQUISITION purposes:
  1. Acquire smaller middle market Property & Casualty commercial & personal lines agencies – which provides sellers with a monetization of their asset value, access to growth capital, access to additional markets, and access to sales and management expertise. The management team has over 150 years of combined insurance leadership experience.
  2. Focus on best practices operational processes, uniform compensation plans, agreeable budgets and elimination of duplicate expenses that become unnecessary in combined operations.

STRUCTURE acquisitions for current and future value creation:
  1. Utilize earn-outs tied to proforma adjustments which align seller incentives to motivate future value and economic risk protection.
  2. Provide incentives for both organic and additional acquisition growth

The VALUE PROPOSITION that our team represents:
  1. The model allows you to monetize your asset and maintain most of your operating autonomy;
  2. You have the ability to participate in the entrepreneurial growth of a national competitor;
  3. We have access to the capital markets and senior lenders as needed;
  4. We are professional buyers who know how to structure various types of acquisition deals. We understand your employee concerns and obligations. We respect confidentiality. We know how to value an agency based on both past and future opportunities.
  5. We have references from owners who have joined us in the recent past and who you may speak with about their experience with our company.
  6. Our transactions have a high degree of closing. Many would be buyers have no experience, limited capital and a low likelihood of closing an acquisition. We have a professional acquisition team that knows how to treat a potential seller with respect and courtesy.

Terry Scali Sara Gromek

NFP Whitepaper on our acquisition strategy

NFP routinely acquires other insurance agencies, books of business with or without the producing agents, retail and wholesale insurance programs and other related insurance products.  It is our philosophy that merging other insurance successes with our own creates a more dynamic and customer focused culture for our associates and stakeholders.  We look for opportunities throughout Arizona, Nevada, New Mexico, and California. To contact us for more information about your business and how it might merge with our company, contact:  Terry Scali, CEO, 1-800-863-3210.

Acquisition Team

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