Life Insurance

Top 10 List

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  1. Tax Deferral Plans/Programs: If it were possible, would you like to defer more of your income? Sometimes up to $250,000 or more is available to defer in special plans designed to help clients save more money in the most tax efficient way possible.
  2. Deferred Compensation Plans and Salary Continuation Plans for Owners and Key Employees: What do business owners do for themselves and/or their Key Employees to provide incentives and/or benefits for a job well done? Allow our team of experts to educate you on what is available as well as the most tax efficient way to use company dollars to implement these types of plans.
  3. Supplemental Retirement Plans: If you could save more on a tax favored basis, would you? Allow our specialists to show you what is available to supplement your retirement, or the retirement of your key employee(s).
  4. Complimentary Life Insurance Policy Review: New policy’s that are available may have lower cost of insurance, better benefits, riders, etc., that may fill your needs more efficiently. Let our experts provide a free review of what is currently owned compared to what is available.
  5. Asset Protection planning: Arizona has very good asset protection laws if we utilize what is available to protect those hard earned assets. Allow our experts to explain what simple things may be done to ensure your hard earned money and/or business interest is better protected from the claims of creditors and/or lawsuits.
  6. Life and/or Disability Insurance: Allow our team of specialists the opportunity to provide the best possible products and companies as well as the lowest rates to help you provide income to yourself and/or your loved ones in the event of premature death or disability.
  7. Long Term Care Insurance: Allow our specialists to help educate and locate the best products and the top companies that provide this important asset protection insurance product. Partial and sometimes full tax deductibility is available for the premiums made to the insurance company chosen to transfer this risk in lieu of it being left solely up to you and/or your family.
  8. Estate Planning Strategies and Implementation: Have you wondered what are the most popular and/or tax efficient ways to protect and transfer your estate to the next generation? Our experts will educate you on the simple and creative ways to do what you wish to do with your business and/or estate, before and after your death.
  9. Buy/Sell Plans for Business Owners: Many business owners enjoy knowing exactly what will happen if they retire early, get disabled, pass away, get divorced, etc. Let us help you put a plan into place that will provide you with the best, most peaceful and most equitable transition of your business interest.
  10. Annuity Products: Allow our experts to educate and locate the best annuity products available in the marketplace. These vehicles are not only popular for their tax deferral capabilities, but also because Arizona allows for 100% asset/creditor protection on annuity surrender values,. With no limit!

For more information or to request a quote, please contact Terry Scali at

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